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Riporto il log dei fix apportati


Game Improvements:


A connectivity rating display has now been implemented for each player in an online session lobby. This appears as coloured bars (red, amber, green) to indicate the expected online performance of the player in the game session.

More network bandwidth is now reserved for game-critical systems in online sessions. This may result in low-bandwidth users having their voice chat restricted to fewer players, but should result in a smoother online experience.



Strategy & Setup:


Fixed 11/11 car setup bug.

Fixed issue where your race strategy uses the same tyre compound three times in a row & the final set are worn.

Fixed issue where wear-based punctures would occur too often.

Fixed various issues with the race engineer speech logic.





Fixed an issue where the AI run on Intermediates for too long.

Fixed issue where AI cars would be too fast in the wet.

Fixed an issue where AI vehicles pitted too often during dry, online races .

The AI has been tuned on several circuits to provide smoother and faster driving.

Fixed issue where the AI’s sector 1 times in Malaysia were too slow



Co –op Championship:


Fixed an issue with the save becoming corrupt / not able to invite the other player when playing long race weekends.

Fixed an issue where AI difficulty was reset to “Amateur” level when resuming a Coop game.

Fixed an issue with tyre wear in Practice/Qualifying not being carried over to Race.

Fixed an issue with the penalties accrued in Practice/Qualifying not being applied to the Race.

Fixed an issue with the Race Results where lapped AI are causing player to drop positions.





Vote to Skip in Qualifying now requires 100% vote.

Various Penalty system improvements have been made.

Quick Race countdown timer is now set to 60 Seconds and no longer resets when a player joins the session.

Fixed issue where host and client machines would report different qualification results during online games



Graphics & Performance:


PS3 – Improved frame rate & performance.

Xbox360 & PC – Numerous performance improvements have been made to increase frame rate and reduce stuttering.

All Platforms – Numerous graphical improvements have been made.

All Platforms – Fixed various issues to improve general game stability.





Fixed a very infrequent issue where some sessions would be skipped over when progressing to the next session during a Long Race Weekend.

Korea tyre compounds have been changed to those used in the 2011 race.

Fixed an issue where in career where the “on the bounce” achievement was awarded after 11 race wins instead of 9.

Fixed an issue where all users would be awarded the fastest lap XP and stat during some online races.

Fixed an issue where driver’s hands & head popped in a few frames late when switching cameras.

Fixed issue where players were able to post extremely quick Time Trial times



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C'erano i ricci di tom sul tracciato? :asd:


Mettendo la gara al 50% rischio quasi sempre di dover fare una sosta in più. Maledetti :D


Che ne dite di fare una specie di piccoli mini-tornei offline?

Del tipo si sceglie un tracciato ed un'auto e vediamo chi riesce a fare il miglior giro in 1/2 settimane.

Si riporta ovviamente lo screen del tempo fatto.


Dato che non credo sia possibile "certificare" i setting / aiuti usati, si potrebbe lasciare carta bianca.


Potrebbe interessare?



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Non ci posso credere!!! Ultimo giro e sono primo a circa 20 secondi di vantaggio (sono riuscito a fare una sosta in meno :cheazz:). Alla seconda chicane di Monza prendo la sabbia e l'auto mi va contro il muro: foro una gomma e l'alettone anteriore è molto danneggiato! Ovviamente ho finito i replay :muro: (utilizzati sempre per colpa delle altre macchine impazzite). Finisco il giro quarto o quinto non ricordo... per fortuna che nei rettilinei andava ancora bene.


Aspettiamo qualche altra adesione prima di avviare il primo round? Beh si dai, in 3 è triste :D



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