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Found 1 result

  1. Hi everybody. Few months ago I have started construction of my home server. I will place here all of my work progress made so far and of course all new posts After long reflection, I concluded that I will not once again integrate the server with my home computer. So it is time to make a small, home server once again. Short predictable specification. Processor - Centrino Board - ThinkPad R51, a colleague that one used in the Steam & Current project. Drives - minimum 2x320GB Array, because such I use now. It is possible that there will be more drives. Material: Wood - mirabelle plum (Prunus domestica) and cherry. It is possible that it will use the false acacia (Robinia pseudoacacia). Brass once again to. So as you can see it's a standard for me (I hope that soon this will change:) Here are pictures of sawn timber. I gave a different light to show colour and wood grain. Yesterday I cut a rough outline of matrix attachment. I've also cut a place to settle the keyboard. Then I've sanded keyboard. I've linked the future keyboard with the front. After testing several options for positioning the motherboard I decided to put it partially under the keyboard. The second part with the processor will be mounted into LCD panel case. As you can see at this stage, still nothing spectacular. I've glued sidewalls and little sanded and cut. Unfortunately, my dremel just died. I'm waiting for a new one. And now. My new handy toy - an electric grinder. And a little effects of grinding. The next stage of modelling. Holes will serve as ventilation. Unfortunately dremel failure slows me a bit. It is hard to shape them with another tool. I'am still shaping the form. Here at the very top there will be warm air outlet. Something like a chimney. I have a concept how to cover all those holes. Small update after a few days. Unfortunately photos taken with a lamp :( I've glued back plate to the case.
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