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AMD a proposito della Playstation 4

John Taylor, Vice President of Global Communications and Industry Marketing di AMD, esprime il suo pensiero sulla console next generation Playstation 4 che vedrà la luce alla fine di quest'anno.

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Nella giornata di ieri, Sony ha dato una sneak-peek alla sua prossima generazione di console, nota con il nome di Playstation 4. Questa si presenterà come un'architettura Hardware da PC "sovralimentata" in combinazione a Software di ultima generazione. All'interno di essa vedremo un'architettura progettata ad hoc in collaborazione con Sony che può essere assimilata del tutto ad una APU ( AMD accelerated processing unit).


La PS4 sarà quindi il frutto di questo progetto semi-custom portato avanti da AMD con Sony.


Potete leggere un'estratto del pensiero di John Taylor:


What exactly is a semi-custom APU? Let me elaborate:

At the most basic level, an APU is a single chip that combines general-purpose x86 central processing unit (CPU) cores with a graphics processing unit (GPU) and a variety of system elements, including memory controllers, specialized video decoders, display outputs, etc. Our semi-custom solutions take the same treasure trove of graphics; compute and multi-media IP found in our APUs, and customize them for customers who have a very specific high-volume product that could benefit from AMD’s leading-edge technologies.

In the case of the PS4, we leveraged the building blocks of our 2013 product roadmap – the same technologies you find in the latest AMD APUs powering PCs, ultrathin notebooks and tablets – to create a solution that incorporates our upcoming, low-power  AMD “Jaguar” CPU cores with next-generation AMD Radeon™ graphics delivering nearly 2 TFLOPS of compute performance! This unique APU architecture enables game developers to easily harness the power of parallel processing to fundamentally change the console gaming experience. Not only creating the opportunity for new possibilities in software design, but also faster and more fluid graphics.

This is going to be a very exciting year for gamers, especially for those with AMD hardware in their PCs and consoles, as we have even more game-changing (pun intended) announcements still to come.

Look for some more exciting things happening at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in March when we will provide even more info on how we are working with game developers to make AMD the hardware of choice for running the best games




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