Ciao Mondo 3!

Nuovo benchmark 3DMark in arrivo per quest'anno

La nota casa Futuremark ha rilasciato un breve video della nuova versione del software 3DMark, compatibile con le librerie DirectX 11, DirectX 10 e DirectX 9.

Il benchmark, atto a misurare le prestazioni del PC in campo 3D, verrà rilasciato nel 2012, dopo la presentazione del sistema operativo Windows 8, ma sarà comunque compatibile con Windows 7 e Windows Vista.




In the trade town of Scarport, buildings cling to canyon walls above canals of lava and provide shelter from the toxic volcanic atmosphere. Gaudy neon signs flicker as steam rises from the molten rivers running beneath the town. A trader walks along ledges carved from the volcanic rock, smoke swirling around her flowing cloak. Her robotic sentinels keep watch, but what dangers lie hidden in the shadows? 

The 3DMark DirectX 11 tech demo brings this scene to life with intelligent tessellation and advanced volumetric lighting using real-time light scattering. The visible particles and clouds of smoke in the scene react to other objects using fluid dynamics simulation. Post processing, ambient occlusion and various lens effects complete the look.


Di seguito il trailer del nuovo 3DMark DirectX 11:



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