Xigmatek Nebula: il cubo di ‘’Xigmatek’’ in formato ITX

Xigmatek-Nebula-7La categoria dei case cubici è in forte ascesa nel mercato IT ma non sempre è facile proporre un prodotto originale e valido ad installare la maggior parte delle configurazioni. Xigmatek sembra invece che grazie al suo decennale know how ci sia riuscita proponendo dopo il Micro-ATX Aquila (di cui potete leggere la nostra recensione QUI) un case in formato ITX con un design davvero particolare ed unico. Oggi lo staff di Xtremehardware.com vi presenta la recensione dello Xigmatek Nebula, un case in formato ITX dalla forma cubica. Procediamo immediatamente ad analizzare lo Xigmatek Nebula.






Descrizione del brand Xigmatek: ‘’Since our establishment in 2005, Xigmatek has grown increasingly in many aspects such as size and recognition, we are committed to provide the newest innovative technology, superb quality, and excellent service, our mission is to become a leader in the computer peripheral and thermal industry. We emphasize highly on concept, innovation and design; pursuing perfection and setting trends in the ever changing computer peripheral industry. We innovate, others follow.

As a company, we pursue an aggressive growth strategy and invest extensively on research and development. We have strong strategic alliances with worldwide suppliers and an ever growing team of distributers giving us the freedom to occupy an integrated presence in major economic regions.

With our highly experienced members of management we are proud to say we host one of the world’s most efficient manufacturing operations.

Our head office accommodates a team of over twenty research and development engineers, product designers and technicians who have had extensive experience in thermal engineering and mechanical design. Our materials are carefully selected and tested for strength and reliability before manufacturing procedures and we have dedicated testing facilities where our technicians can design, test and produce stable and effective products. Our branches extend as far as United States and Germany giving us the freedom to station around the world.

With our extensive experience, we have full confidence that we can provide not only the best but reliable and environmentally friendly performance products. We stress excellence in customer satisfaction and end-user support. We stress innovation and quality for our ever growing production line.’’


Riportiamo di seguito le caratteristiche principali del prodotto:

  • Supporto mainboard ITX
  • Design particolare ed unico
  • Forma Cubica
  • Pannello superiore lucido
  • Paratie con sistema a sgancio rapido


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