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Nuova versione di GPU-Z v0.1.6

Nuova versione di GPU-Z v0.1.6


* Added GPU Sensors tab
* Fixed CrossFire detection under Vista
* Screenshot will now work on Windows 2000 without PSAPI.DLL installed
* Update check default interval is now 1 week
* Added a link to test build forum from validation page
* GPU variant names removed for all ATI and NVIDIA cards. For example "G80 GTX" will be called "G80" from now on
* Added several missing ASICs from families: RV610, RV630, R600
* Added several future ATI ASICs
* Fixed clock detection for some RV6xx ASICs
* Fixed pipeline count on modded RV430 GPUs
* Added ROP/shader readings for RV620, RV635 and future ATI ASICs
* Fixed memory bus width reading for R200 and similar ASICs
* Improved low-level BIOS reading code to work on more GPUs (pre-R500)
* Added detection for ASICs from families: G80, G92, G94, G92 M
* Fixed negative temperature readings in ADT7473 sensor
* Added some missing die sizes for ATI and NVIDIA
* Added bus width reading for NV10
* Fixed bus width reading for NV44
* Fixed ROP/shader counts for NV41, NV42, NV43, G70, G71, G73
* Added detection for i740, GM45
* i865G correctly reports DDR memory now
* Multi GPU dropdown is now a static readout
* Shortened HP PCI vendor name

Una bella novità riguarda il monitoraggio della temperatura della GPU e la velocità di rotazione della ventola.Nuova versione di GPU-Z v0.1.6