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Synology lancia per il 2012 la serie XS NAS Servers, Introduce anche il primo 8-bay DiskStation DS1812+

synology_logo Synology Inc. ha annunciato oggi la sua serie di punta XS, con il nuovissimo 12-bay DS3612xs DiskStation e 10-bay RackStation RS3412 (RP) xs per le imprese di grandi dimensioni. Con il lancio di nuovi prodotti della serie XS viene fornito anche il lancio di DiskStation DS1812 +, Synology fornisce il primo 8-bay server NAS che offre una maggiore scalabilità per le piccole e medie imprese.





Ecco il comunicato stampa che ci ha fornito il produttore:

Taipei, Taiwan—February 21, 2012—Synology® Inc. today unveiled its flagship XS Series line-up with the newest 12-bay DiskStation DS3612xs and 10-bay RackStation RS3412(RP)xs for large scale businesses. With the launch of new XS Series products also comes the launch of DiskStation DS1812+, Synology’s first 8-bay NAS server that offers greater scalability for small and medium businesses.


“Synology aims to provide users’ invaluable data with maximized system uptime because their business decisions, financial performance, and customer satisfaction rely upon unrestricted data availability,” said Wayne An, Product Manager of Synology Inc. Synology XS Series and DS1812+ are now introduced with passive CPU cooling technology, the fanless CPU heatsink to prevent a single point of failure, and built-in system fan redundancy. When the system detects a fan malfunction, the redundancy mechanism can extend service uptime by speeding up the remaining fan until the failure is resolved. Redundant power supplies on selected models and network failover support further ensure system reliability.

The XS Series is designed to grow with business as it pairs up with Synology expansion units DX1211 and RX1211(RP), the storage capacity can be scaled over 100TB per single volume. Powered by a 3.1GHz dual core processor with Link Aggregation enabled, Synology XS Series delivers data throughput of over 1,000 MB/sec and 100,000 IOPS in RAID 5 via supported dual 10GbE connections.

Among the first to offer data storage solutions complied for VMware® vSphere™ 5, Synology XS Series offers management efficiency with greater flexibility and performance for the VMware virtualization platform. Furthermore, XS Series integrates seamlessly with Citrix® XenServer™ and Microsoft® Hyper-V™ through comprehensive iSCSI support.


Synology extends the Plus Series line-up with the latest generation of DiskStation DS1812+. Featuring a 2.13GHz dual core processor and Link Aggregation enabled, the DS1812+ delivers an outstanding average read and write speed of 202 MB/sec and 194 MB/sec respectively in RAID 5 configuration. DS1812+ provides users with fast and reliable backup with USB 3.0 support that boasts transmission speeds of up to 5 Gbps, 10 times faster than USB 2.0. The combination of maximum performance at an extremely attractive price, the DS1812+ offers SMB owners optimal cost/performance ratio.

Synology now officially supports 4TB hard drive, thus DS1812+ easily scales up to 72TB for a maximum of 18 drives with two Synology DX510 expansion units. Built with an enhanced new chassis, the DS1812+ features two user-replaceable 120mm fan that can be conveniently accessed and swapped from the rear panel.


Both Synology XS Series and DS1812+ operate on DiskStation Manager 3.2 (DSM 3.2), the operating system of every Synology NAS server. DSM makes complicated things simple and hard things possible by providing versatile features on a snappy, intuitive, and multitasking web-based user interface. Synology DiskStation DS3611xs has received numerous media recognitions from worldwide that include Spain’s Comunicaciones Hoy magazine’s 2011 Storage and Server “Finalist” nomination.

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The DS3612xs, RS3412(RP)xs, DS1812+, DX1211, RX1211(RP), and DX510 are now shipping globally.


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