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BitFenix Ronin: il grande samurai

Ronin dal XII fino al XIX secolo si intendeva come un samurai completamente libero, che non si preoccupa delle regole esistenti e che era il  Signore di se stesso. BitFenix lancia oggi un nuovo case nel mercato europeo con questo nome. Ronin ha una dimensione di 483 x 205 x 505mm  e supporta mainboard nel formato ATX, mATX, Mini-ITX. La predisposizione per l'alimentatore è in basso ed è di tipo Standard ATX. Il case vanta 7 slot di espansione PCI/PCI-Express e bays 3x 5.25” (external), 6x 3.5” (3+3, internal) e 6x 2.5” (3+3, internal). Ronin è già fornito con due ventole Spectre da 120mm rispettivamente sul frontale e sul retro, ma c'è la possibilità di aggiungerne altre secondo questa configurazione 1x 120mm (front). 2x 120mm lub 2x 140mm (top).

 Ronin 1 Ronin 2



Ronin 3 Ronin 4

Di seguito il comunicato stampa:


The new model, like other cases from this manufacturer, could be easily customized. On the front and at the top panel it has included black Mesh Stripes, but we can change it later to red, blue, green, yellow or white. The Ronin comes with the side panel window, but the unusual in it is Stealth Cover with which we can hide away our HDDs, PSU and mess of cables, so our view will be focused on the best clear computer parts.

To maintain low temperatures for our processor and graphic cards, inside Ronin we can install together five 120mm fans and two of them at the top can be replaced by watercooling 240mm radiator. The front and top panel is made by SofTouch patented material, which protects the chassis against scratches during LAN party travels and looks much more stylish than normal plastic.

In the BitFenix Ronin there is a room for six 3.5” or 2.5” HDD or SSD drives. After removing one cage, the maximum graphic cards length is increased to 420mm, which allows to mount inside the chasis a real monster computer. In addition, the maximum height of CPU cooler is 167mm, so we can say that the Ronin defeats opponents in the style of real free samurai.

 Ronin 5 Ronin 6

Technical details:
Name: BitFenix Ronin with window
Manufacturer code: BFC-RON-300-KKWSK-RP
EAN code: 4716779444568
Material: Steel, Plastic, SofTouch
Colour: Black
Dimensions: 483 x 205 x 505mm (depth x width x height)
Supported mainboards: ATX, mATX, Mini-ITX
Supported power supply: Standard ATX (bottom)
PCI, PCIe expansions slots: 7
Drive bays:
- 3x 5.25” (external)
- 6x 3.5” (3+3, internal)
- 6x 2.5” (3+3, internal)
Preinstalled fans:
- 1x Spectre 120mm (front)
- 1x Spectre 120mm (rear)
Additional fan bays:
- 1x 120mm (front)
- 2x 120mm lub 2x 140mm (top)
I/O Panel:

- 2x USB 3.0
- 2x USB 2.0
- 1x HD Audio Out
- 1x HD Audio In
- Maximum CPU cooler height: 167mm
- Maximum graphic card length: 310 / 420 mm (with HDD cage / without)
- Maximum supported watercooling radiators: 240mm
- Innovative Stealth Cover to hide HDDs, PSU and cables
- Antidust magnetic filter for PSU
- SofTouch Surface Treatment
- Watercooling holes
- Exchangable Mesh Stripes
- Tool-free drive locking mechanism


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