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AMD e Nuvixa donano una nuova dimensione alla telepresenza

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altAMD annuncia il proprio investimento in Nuvixa, Inc. attraverso AMD Ventures (conosciuto precedentemente come “programma AMD Fusion Fund”).





Nuvixa è uno sviluppatore di soluzioni per la realizzazione di presentazioni e video basati sui gesti: il suo StagePresence™ è uno strumento in grado di “estrarre” il video di una persona da quasi qualsiasi tipo di sfondo, senza la necessità di uno “schermo verde” per isolarla, e di inserirlo poi all’interno di un desktop digitale compatibile o di un filmato basato su slide. I miglioramenti nell’elaborazione delle immagini resi possibili dall’utilizzo delle unità di elaborazione accelerata (APU) di AMD e di OpenCL™, permettono di ottenere eccellenti prestazioni e un sensibile miglioramento qualitativo, per un’esperienza ancora più coinvolgente.

AMD e Nuvixa stanno quindi collaborando per ottimizzare il software StagePresence per i PC desktop e i notebook in grado di sfruttare l’accelerazione OpenCL™ grazie alla potenza delle CPU e delle GPU integrate nelle APU di AMD. Grazie a questa ottimizzazione, Nuvixa StagePresence è in grado di raggiungere prestazioni migliorate del 96% e che corrispondono a quasi il doppio del frame rate offerti dalla sola CPU.

Di seguito la notizia in dettaglio:

SUNNYVALE, Calif. — March 6, 2012AMD (NYSE: AMD) today announced it has invested in Nuvixa, Inc., a developer of gesture-based video communication and presentation solutions, through AMD Ventures (formerly the AMD Fusion Fund program). Leveraging depth-sensing camera technologies, the Nuvixa StagePresence™ immersive video presentation tool extracts a presenter from virtually any background environment, and embeds their live video persona within any compatible digital desktop or slide content. Image processing enhancements only available via OpenCL™ and AMD accelerated processing units (APUs) create immersive performance and quality improvements that deliver close to double the frame rate1 and a more immersive experience to online audiences.

“Nuvixa is on the cutting edge of video processing technology and exemplifies why we created AMD Ventures; to foster an ecosystem that enhances the consumer and commercial computing experience,” said Manju Hegde, corporate vice president, Content, Applications and Solutions at AMD. “The uniquely powerful compute capabilities of AMD APUs coupled with software solutions from companies like Nuvixa are bringing gesture-based computing and immersive video experiences beyond the conference room and into today’s notebook and desktop PCs, tablets and other consumer electronic devices.”

“Being selected by AMD Ventures provides us with additional financial backing to continue to innovate, and world-class technical support that enables us to fully leverage AMD’s latest APU architecture,” said Sanjay Patel, chief executive officer and co-founder of Nuvixa. “Together we are radically expanding what is possible with video, and offering these advanced capabilities to a vast audience of professionals, consumers and academia producing digital presentations and online video experiences for sales, training, online courses and so much more.”

AMD and Nuvixa are collaborating to optimize StagePresence software on desktop and notebook PCs accelerated by OpenCL to efficiently harness the compute power of both the CPU and GPU cores in the AMD APU. With this optimization, Nuvixa StagePresence is able to achieve up to 96 percent better performance, resulting in nearly double the frame rate possible with the CPU alone1. Nuvixa StagePresence enables capture of the high-resolution live video of a presenter and overlays it into any presentation or digital desktop in real time, without a green screen or special video editing software using advanced heterogeneous computing algorithms.

AMD’s product strategy synergistically combines both CPU and GPU technology to create APUs that improve user experiences through a vibrant worldwide AMD developer ecosystem. This ecosystem includes new software, hardware, business models, consumer electronic devices, intellectual property, processes, support models, and other new developments. Through AMD Ventures, AMD works with the companies in which it invests to enable differentiated solutions optimized on AMD hardware platforms.

Nuvixa, Inc. is the developer of superior gesture-enhanced video communication and presentation solutions for businesses, professionals and consumers. The company’s mission is to deliver innovation in digital collaboration through merging the ‘human’ element with content – whether it’s through video conferencing, online presentations or user-generated entertainment, for better engagement and retention. Formed in 2009, Nuvixa is a privately-held company.


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