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AMD e Microsoft in collaborazione per la produzione di più di 125 modelli di PC basati su Windows 8

AMD annuncia la sua collaborazione con Microsoft per la realizzazione di più di 125 modelli di PC basati su Windows 8, prodotti da aziende leader come ASUS, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba e altri. Microsoft e AMD hanno quindi unito le loro forze per sfruttare al meglio le capacità grafiche ad alte prestazioni che caratterizzano le unità di elaborazione accelerata (Accelerated Processing Units, APU) e la grafica discreta AMD Radeon™ per fornire le migliori esperienze di intrattenimento in alta definizione, di gaming e di utilizzo delle app su Windows 8, a fronte di un consumo energetico contenuto.



I notebook mainstream e ultrathin, i tablet, i sistemi all-in-one, i PC desktop tradizionali, gli home theater PC (HTPC) e i sistemi embedded con le nuove APU AMD A-Series di seconda generazione e le APU AMD Z-Series con grafica AMD Radeon™ offrono quindi un’esperienza d’uso di Windows 8 ulteriormente migliorata grazie alle tecnologie AMD Start Now, AMD AllDay™ Power, AMD Eyefinity, AMD App Acceleration e i driver AMD Catalyst™.


Di seguito la notizia in dettaglio, in inglese:


SUNNYVALE, Calif. – Oct. 25, 2012 – AMD (NYSE: AMD) today announced its collaboration with Microsoft Corp. for more than 125 Windows® 8-based PC designs from leading OEMs including ASUS, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba and more. With a hardware accelerated user interface, Microsoft and AMD have collaborated to design Windows 8 to unlock the high performance graphics capabilities found in AMD accelerated processing units (APUs) and discrete AMD Radeon™ graphics processing units (GPUs) to deliver the best HD video, gaming and app experience consumers want with the always on, always connected, touch-driven interface with great battery life they need.

“There is a lot of exciting innovation happening in the marketplace today – from the new Windows 8 graphics-accelerated user interface and apps, to ultraportable and sleek hardware designs – and AMD’s CPU, GPU and APU technology designed for Windows 8 helps enable a no-compromise solution,” said Stefan Kinnestrand, director of Product Management, Windows Division at Microsoft.

Mainstream and ultrathin notebooks, tablets, all-in-one and traditional desktops, home theater PCs and embedded designs powered by the second generation AMD A-Series APUs and AMD Z-Series APUs with AMD Radeon™ HD graphics enable a phenomenal mobility, entertainment and gaming experience for Windows 8-based PCs.

“Windows 8 marks a new era in the PC industry; an age of acceleration powered by AMD that will enable a visually superior experience whether on a tablet, notebook or all-in-one,” said Dr. Lisa Su, senior vice president and general manager, Global Business Units, AMD. “We are excited to be working with Microsoft and our OEM partners to drive innovative user experiences across a variety of new form factors.”

The latest AMD APU and GPU platforms come loaded with features optimized to enhance the Windows 8 experience, including:


· AMD Start Now Technology: AMD-powered Windows 8-based notebooks boot, resume and respond faster than competing x86 solutions;

· AMD Catalyst™ drivers compatible with Windows 8 featuring support for DirectX 11, DirectX 11.1 and Windows Display Driver Model 1.2;

· AMD AllDay™ Power enables consumers everywhere to experience unmatched mobility with more than 12 hours of resting battery life on their AMD-based device;

· AMD Eyefinity Technology: a feature unique to AMD-powered PCs, consumers can now span their Windows 8 desktop, user interface, games and apps seamlessly across three or more monitors for a truly immersive experience;

· AMD App Acceleration: AMD Radeon GPUs with AMD App Acceleration let you run multiple applications at the same time with remarkable speed and reliability that provide enhanced performance beyond traditional graphics and video processing. Customers running AMD-powered Windows 8 PCs can run desktop apps as well as new apps available from the Windows Store and from AMD AppZone for a fast and fluid experience.