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Gskill annuncia le nuove DDR3-1800 CL7

G.Skill International Enterprise, a worldwide leader in extreme performance and reliability memory announced today the new DDR3-1800 CL7. The DDR3-1800 CL7 is for enthusiasts upgrading to the next generation platforms. The DDR3-1800 HZ Series is available in 2GB dual channel kits to meet the specific needs of gaming systems or high performance workstations.

The DDR3-1800 HZ Series is equipped with the Antazone RamMod cooler to improve module stability and performance while operating under extreme overclocking conditions. Engineered with quality and performance in mind, G.Skill’s DD3-1800 HZ Series is the ultimate solution for extreme gamers, overclockers, and PC enthusiasts. The Antazone RamMod cooler uses industrial standard silent micro blower fan as a memory cooler. This original innovative cooling solution provides more efficient heat dissipation. The 8000rpm silent micro blower fan is ideal for overclocking where every degree matters. It ensures that your system can operate smoothly even with the toughest gaming software, overclocking, or system applications.

DDR3 is the latest generation of dual channel based memory. Due to the high frequency the DDR3 operates in, hyper heat is generated. The Antazone RamMod cooler with silent micro blower fan provides the best solution for it.

Antazone RamMod cooler specifications: (Reference:Antazone official site)


Transparent Plastic

Fan Speed


Max. Fan Air Flow


Max. Fan Air Pressure


Fan Bearing


Noise Level


Life Expectation

70,000 hrs


3 Pin


2 Years

DDR3-1800 CL7 HZ Series Features:

  1. Guaranteed clock speed of 1800MHz (PC3-14400)
  2. Low latency settings of 7 (CL), 7 (TRCD), 7 (TRP), 18 (TRAS)
  3. Lifetime warranty
  4. Part number: F3-14400CL7D-2GBHZ - A matching pair of 2GB kit (2 x 1GB modules)



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