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Nuovo WR di freq per i conroe by team Japan


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CPU?Core 2 Duo E6700?L633A549) VID=1.2250V

M/B?ASUS P5K Deluxe/WiFi-AP (BIOS 0304)

RAM?Team Xtreem DDR2-1000 & DDR2-800 Dual Spec 1GB×2

VGA?ASUS GeForce 7600GT

HDD?Western Digital?WD Raptor?WD360ADFD

CPU Cooling?LN2 KuriPro4

Chipset Cooling?Normal + 4?FAN

Power?OCZ Power Stream Power Supply 520W

CASE?V-TEC ARC Bed Rev.5.0 Professional

OS?Windows Server2003





?BIOS Setting?

Ai Overclocking Manual

Ratio CMOS Setting ?10?

PCIE Freguncy ?100?

DRAM Freguncy ?AUTO?

DRAM Timig Control ?AUTO?

DRAM Static Read Control ?AUTO?

Transaction Booster ?AUTO?

Clock Over-Charging mode ?AUTO?

CPU Spread Spetrum ?AUTO?

PCIE Spread Spetrum ?AUTO?

CPU Voltage ?1.896V?

CPU Voltage Reference ?AUTO?

CPU Voltage Damper ?AUTO?

CPU PLL Voltage ?1.800V?

DRAM Voltage ?2.550V?

FSB Termination Voltage ?1.500V?

North Bridge Voltage ?1.700V?

North Bridge Voltage Reference ?AUTO?

South Bridge Voltage ?1.200V?

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E6700 Retail, LN2 cooling, ModPI1.5, by OMEGA


1M: 8.969s


It's worked surprisingly with 1CPU though 2CPU was not good.:toast:


M/B: ASUS P5B deluxe

CPU: E6700 Retail L633A549

CPU Cooling: LN2

Memory: CellShock PC2-8000 CL4 1GB x2

VGA: Mille? PCI


Power Supply: Zippy-460SATA

Vcore: 1.952V, Vdimm: 2.62V, NBVcore: 1.91V, Vio: 3.56V (actual), Vfsb: 1.45V, SBVcore: 1.80V, ICH:1.215 (BIOS Setting)

OS: Windows Server 2003

MEM: 4-4-4-4

CopperPot?OMEGA Special??Bottom plate 30mm??spider

Grease?Ceramique by Arctic Silver


1M Result




CPU-Z Verified



The wall of 9sec. was broken with E6700. by OMEGA (Team Japan) - XtremeSystems Forums


:AAAAH: :AAAAH: I maestri dell'oc si ricominciano a far sentire..:stordita:

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