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[Downloading] RightMark CPU Clock Utility 2.25


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RightMark CPU Clock Utility è una piccola applicazione che permette di variare in tempo reale voltaggi di alimentazione e moltiplicatori di frequenza dei processori. Permette inoltre di monitorare le funzionalità di Thermal Throttling e il carico istantaneo del processore.


Di seguito le novità introdotte in questa versione:


    Added support for localized application resources.
  • Added RMClock Updates and RMClock Professional Features modules (valid licenses required).
  • Added independent CPU info display for each physical/logical CPU present in the system.
  • Added detection of several AMD K8 NPT (revision F) CPU cores.
  • Added CPU temperature graph display to the Monitoring page.
  • Added advanced chipset settings support for ICH8 family southbridges.
  • Switched to using CPU hardware coordination facilities (ACNT) for CPU load and throttling determination on Intel Core/Core 2 family CPUs.
  • Added options to enable/disable vendor-supplied CPU core temperature offset and specify user-definable CPU core temperature offset (as registry tweaks).
  • Fixed saving of advanced platform settings on Intel Core 2 CPU-based platforms.
  • Fixed log file creation in the application directory when using auto-start feature.
  • Added support for Quad-Core Intel Core 2 Extreme CPUs.
  • Fixed recognition of several AMD K8 revision E CPU cores.
  • Fixed battery life time estimation on some platforms.
  • Added support for mobile Intel Core 2 Duo (Merom core).
  • Added CPU-dependent offset to Intel CPU core temperature indications.
  • Added proper detection of AMD Athlon 64 FX dual-core processors.
  • Added automatic detection of 4x FID availability on AMD K8 family processors.
  • Changed design of Battery Info page.
  • Added validation of individual profiles P-states settings when Master P-States Table is altered.
  • Added battery charge rate averaging period (as a registry tweak).
    Removed &quo;No Management&quo; from -prevprofile and -nextprofile profile switching commands.
  • Added time stamp to the logging information.
  • Fixed delayed applying of command-line parameters.
  • Fixed CPU load icon color setting (registry tweak).


Produttore: Latest News. CPU Rightmark


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