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Aggiungo anche il mio "piccolino" in fase di crescita denominato:



TOM1 Beast All Black



t109616_all-blacks-pg1.jpg t109619_flag.jpg












Configurazione Hardware

  • CPU: Core i3 2100 3.1 Ghz
  • Scheda madre: Asrock EXtreme7 Gen3 Z68
  • CPU Cooler: Corsair A50
  • RAM: Corsair Vengeance All Black Low Profile 1600
  • Alimentatore: Cooler Master Silent M700
  • SSD & Hard disk: Crcuial M4 64 Gb, Western Digital Green 2 TB
  • Schede video: Zotac GTX 560Ti AMP! Edition
  • Case: Cooler Master 690 II Advanced
  • Monitor: Asus VW247H LED
  • Tastiera Mouse: Logitech Mk520



Galleria Immagini




t109625_img-0088-large-.jpg t109626_img-0090-large-.jpg t109627_img-0091-large-.jpg

t109628_img-0092-large-2-.jpg t110497_img-0094-large-.jpg t110498_img-0095-large-.jpg t110499_img-0096-large-.jpg

t110500_img-0097-large-.jpg t110501_img-0099-large-.jpg t110502_img-0100-large-.jpg

t110503_img-0101-large-.jpg t110504_img-0102-large-.jpg t110548_img-0103-large-.jpg t110549_img-0104-large-.jpg t110550_img-0105-large-.jpg

t110551_img-0106-large-.jpg t110677_img-0111-large-.jpg t110678_img-0107-large-.jpg t110679_img-0110-large-.jpg

t110680_img-0109-large-.jpg t110681_img-0112-large-.jpg t110767_img-0113-large-.jpg t110768_img-0114-large-.jpg t110769_img-0115-large-.jpg t111003_img-0116-large-.jpg t111004_img-0117-large-.jpg t111005_img-0118-large-.jpg

t111006_img-0119-large-.jpg t111255_img-0120-large-.jpg t111256_img-0121-large-.jpg t111257_img-0122-large-.jpg



Galleria Test


t111264_test-cm690-ii-beast-all-black.jpg t111845_immagine.jpg t111920_immagine2.jpg t111954_ssd-life-m4.jpg

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