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Found 2 results

  1. non è proprio una news recente ma cmq impressionante il qx di fugger... Specs: Intel QX6850 ES Abit IP35 Pro B04 bios Corsair PC2-10000 Domaintor Enermax Galaxay 1000 Nvidia 8800 Ultra Vapochill LS R507 Chilly1 modded 4x Raptor 150's RAID 0 2x Gigabyte I-Ram Raid 0 Sub cooling: 8K BTU portable ac unit blasting side of case and front of Vapo. Notes: All benches the memory was running 1:1 3-4-3-9-1T @ 2.4v CPU voltage 1.575v reaches 4.5Ghz 1.65v reaches 4.6Ghz 1.7v reaches 4.7Ghz 1.8v + didnt help with the exception of the top speed screen shot. Benching with more than 1.7v on the vapo brings it down, even with the extra sub cooling, short runs like pi, 2k1, and AM3 were possible at 4.7Ghz Pretty much everything else is 4.6Ghz I did have a blow out of the raid drives where I lost a few good 3D scores but some I did upload and landed #3 in hall of fame and I used a backup drive for 2K1 and AM3. The maximum I have taken a screen shot is 10x495FSB but I cannot upload that score. Here is the next best at 10x485FSB screen shot stable. CPU-Z Validator Database First up, Aquamark 3 at 4.75Ghz, 700/1180 This took a while to get done and took 1.78v at this speed. At this speed only single threaded applications bound to the first core are stable. Futuremark - ORB - Project Comparison Backing off to 4.6Ghz I am able to get off quad core benches like Cinebench. Not sure how I did not get a super pi screen cap above 4.7Ghz but here is one at 4.65Ghz, I was climbing up and got distracted with 2K1. One of the last things I was working on before the raid bit it was PCMark on the I-Rams in RAID 0. I uploaded an image that was fairly impressive at 485FSB... One of the small problems was getting the single drive to boot with raid enabled in bios. I will replicate the benches lost and kick a little more ass in the process. I lost a few 3D runs with single card. Right now I plan to rerun 3D with SLI on the 680i and currerntly reloaded on Vista again to play World in Conflict and finish DX 10 stuff now that I have more horsepower. I was able to boot to 4.75Ghz and I did get into windows at 4.8Ghz a few times. Here is a screen shot of the general tag in control panels. ----------------------------------------------------------------- 680i and SLI results Current #1 on the ORB "Vista" Futuremark - ORB - Project Comparison Futuremark - ORB - Project Comparison Futuremark - ORB - Project Comparison ----------------------------------------------------------------------- P5K3-D results 4.7Ghz 760/1250 Monster QX6850 on Vapo LS - XtremeSystems Forums
  2. L I N K 2x sanyo 120x120x38 260cfm 6000rpm :eek: Onestamente guardando quelle due ventole..direi che questa è l'apoteosi dell'air-cooling altrettanto notevoli sono i risultati raggiunti da PCC2criminal in oc..
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