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Found 4 results

  1. ecco a voi la nuova relase del software imho utilissimo dopo ati tool RivaTuner modifiche apportate:
  2. Il noto software per overclok delle Vga Ati-Nvidia giunge alla release 2.04 , in quest' ultima implementa Nuove Feature di oc , LA piu' interessante è sicuramente quella che rigurda l' oc della Frequenza degli shader nelle gpu G80 per ora disponibile solo attraverso la modifica di alcune voci di registro , si spera in una nuova release che permetta di fare tutto Attraverso un' apposita barra grafica. Non è da escludere la possibilita' di poter trasformare un 8800gtx in una 8800 ultra... Download Sanfilippo Michele
  3. Salve ragazzi ecco l'ultima versione di Rivatuner. Download-http://downloads.guru3d.com/downloadget.php?id=163&file=5&evp=2d213e528fb556c354432a3976bff55a
  4. Finalmente è uscito il nuovo rivatuner 2.02! Rivatuner è una utility per l'ottimizzazione delle schede video basate su chip NVIDIA, dotato di supporto anche alle schede video ATI della famiglia Radeon. Quest'ultima revision apporta: Minor bugfixes: Fixed "Enable LoadLibrary hooking" option in bundled RivaTunerStatisticsServer application, which was corrupted due to internal hooking system changes introduced in the previous version. Fixed typo in PCI DeviceID database for certain AGP G71 GPU based display adapters, causing them to be improperly detected and handled as G73 based. Added workaround for internal MFC buffer overrun bug, causing Launcher tab to crash after adding launch item with a name containing more than 256 characters. Minor UI and localization fixes. What's new: Added ForceWare 160.xx and 162.xx driver families support. Updated databases for Detonator and ForceWare drivers. Added databases for ForceWare 158.22, 158.27, 160.03, 160.04 and 162.15. Added Catalyst 7.5 and 7.6 drivers detection. Please take a note that Catalyst 7.5 and 7.6 driver files have the same file binary file versions so both drivers will be detected as 'Catalyst 7.5 or newer' in RivaTuner. Updated Catalyst 7.5 and 7.6 certified SoftR9x00 parch script (for Windows 2000/XP drivers only). Added ATI R600 GPU support. Now all RivaTuner's low-level features including overclocking, color correction, fan control and hardware monitoring are available on ATI RADEON 2900 family. Thanks to Peter Yeung @ HIS for providing ATI RADEON 2900XT for testing. Added experimental ATI RV610 and RV630 GPUs support. Thanks to Andrew Worobiew for testing RivaTuner on ATI RADEON 2400XT, ATI RADEON 2600PRO and ATI RADEON 2600XT. Please take a note that RV6xx support is currently in very early experimental stage and nothing but hardware monitoring and diagnostic report modules has been tested seriously with these display adapter families. Updated RivaTunerStatisticsServer v2.3.0 bundled utility:Added framerate monitoring and OSD rendering support for Direct3D9 applications using IDirect3DSwapChain9 interfaces for page flipping under Vista (e.g. Tomb Raider: Legend). [*]Improved hardware monitoring module: Now RivaTuner pauses hardware monitoring module before entering suspended mode and resumes monitoring when the system resumes. This improves stability on certain hardware configurations, critical to polling in suspended mode. Power users may disable this feature using PauseInSuspendedMode registry entry. Added description buffer overrun protection to all plugins with generic localization support. Added built-in provider for core temperature monitoring via RV610 and RV630 on-die thermal diodes. Added built-in provider for GPU usage monitoring on RV610 and RV630 graphics processors. Improved hardware monitoring plugins: Improved SMART.dll plugin. Now the plugin contains user customizable minimum hardware polling interval, which can be used to lower performance hit caused by slow S.M.A.R.T. hardware access implementations on certain combinations of ATA controllers and hard drive models. By default minimum hardware polling interval is set to 60 seconds, however power users may redefine minimum polling interval for this plugin by editing MinPollingInterval field in [settings] section of SMART.cfg file. Improved VT1103.dll plugin: Added average current monitoring for VT1105 and VT1165 voltage regulators. Now the plugin is able to monitor average current for core voltage regulators used on ATI display adapters equipped with VT1105 and VT1165 (e.g. ATI RADEON 2900 family). Added programmable output voltage monitoring for VT1105 and VT1165 voltage regulators. Now besides hardwired VID-based output voltages the plugin also able to monitor programmable output voltages on ATI display adapters equipped with VT1105 and VT1165 (e.g. ATI RADEON 2900 family). Please take a note that output voltage programming implementation depends on voltage regulator's circuit design and may differ depending on the PCB. Currently the plugin's database contains programmable VID to voltage mapping for reference design ATI RADEON 2900XT series only. Added temperature monitoring for VT1105 and VT1165 voltage regulators. Now the plugin is able to monitor temperature of voltage regulators used on ATI display adapters equipped with VT1105 and VT1165 (e.g. ATI RADEON 2900 family). Please take a note that VT1165 is multiphase voltage regulator and actually have multiple temperature sensors installed in each slave chip. However to simplify understanding and visualization the plugin monitors just a single value read from the first slave chip. [*]Added open source Everest.dll plugin. The plugin is able to import any monitoring data sources from Everest software and display them in RivaTuner Statistics Server's On-Screen Display. By default the plugin is configured to import 'CPU temperature', 'CPU fan speed', 'System temperature', 'System fan speed', 'PSU fan speed', 'CPU voltage', 'PSU +3.3V voltage', 'PSU +5V voltage' and 'PSU +12V voltage' data sources, however you can customize the list of imported data sources by editing Everest.cfg file. Please take a note that 'Enable shared memory' option must be ticked in Everest in File Preferences Hardware monitoring External applications tab to allow RivaTuner to import data from it. [*]Improved diagnostic report module: Added new Intel chipsets to northbridges hardware database. Added PowerPlay table info to 'ATI VGA BIOS information' diagnostic report category. Now RivaTuner is able to decode PowerPlay states defining 2D/3D clocks and voltages in ATI RADEON 2400/2600/2900 display adapters family. Added unified voltage table info to 'ATI VGA BIOS information' diagnostic report category. Now RivaTuner is able to decode new ATi voltage table format and display information about voltage controller I2C registers and VID encoding information for ATI RADEON 2900 display adapters family. [*]Improved low-level hardware overclocking module: Added PowerPlay based driver-level wrapper for 3D clock frequency adjustment on ATI RADEON 2400/2600/2900 display adapters family. Unlike Overdrive overclocking interface it doesn't require 8-pin power cable to be connected to card for proper functionality. Please take a note that due to ATI Catalyst driver's PowerPlay programming issues it will reset current fan settings to defaults after applying new 3D clock frequencies. It is recommended to reconfigure fan controls after changing 3D clock frequency until this issue is addressed in ATI driver. Updated ATI VGA BIOS scripts parser. Added support for new tokens used in ATI RADEON 2900 VGA BIOS images. Now visual frequency clock testing is disabled on ATI cards if Overdrive or PowerPlay base driver-level wrapper is in use. [*]Improved GUI for both driver-level and low-level hardware overclocking modules. Now to avoid confusing beginners RivaTuner hides 'Test' button instead of disabling it when clock frequency testing is forcibly disabled or not available. [*]Added Q and QUIT command line switches, allowing to unload RivaTuner from memory immediately either with hotkey or with desktop shortcut. [*]Improved refresh overrider module. Now it is possible to override refresh rate during partial display mode change when the application doesn't specify display mode bit depth explicitly (e.g. in Quake III when bit depth option is set to 'Default'). [*]Improved numpad keys support for low-level keyboard hook based hotkey emulator. [*]Rarely used ATIProble and NVInfo DOS tools are no longer supported and no longer bundled with RivaTuner. [*]Improved Easter Eggs: Added new Easter Eggs. Improved built-in hardware emualtor. Added protections against incorrect MMIO emulation. Improved hidden ATI VGA BIOS decompiler: Added support for ATI RADEON 2x00 VGA BIOS specific script tokens. Now the decompiler analyzes code branching and doesn't stop decomipling a script when meeting the first RET token. [*]Minor UI changes and improvements. La scaricate da qui: The Guru of 3D Download Section Ciao;)
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