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  1. Ciao a tutti...Potreste aiutarmi nell' OC del Q6600 con la mobo Ausu P5NE il Q6600 e Step G0 . . . Vorrei portarlo a 2,8 GHZ anche comprando un diss ad aria(pensavoa d uno Zalman CNPS 9700 NT) basta ke sia stabile e nn dia problemi. ringrazzio in anticipo .
  2. some CPUs of the FX series are definitely good, an 8350 for example is an excellent CPU for those who use programs like Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere etc, I think that as soon as Ryzen comes out the real best buy for those who have an AM3 + platform with an old Phenom or an FX (but at most 6-core) it won't be so much the upgrade to Ryzen but a CPU like an FX-8350 . https://quietaircompressors.review Im in love with your content and also gain some knowledge from your blog.
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