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  1. First TEST with same system of my watercooling cards. 3DMark01se and Quake3 Freeze @166MHz in the first 5s. The Watertemp 50°C is to high. (measured with IR lasergun) The Tecs can be cool -22°C without heat. Better is 30°C watetertemp. But I need more radiatorsurfaces. 360mm radiotor is not enough big to cool well the water. I have a thermalpower about 480W (400W for the tec cooler and 80 max in charge for the V5k6). The 360mm Radiator is recommend about 200-300W for good watertemperatures. Better is, I get one more radiotor or much better 2 more. Or with a chiller I would have any better watertemperatures. May be below 20°C. I let you know. I have baught this waterchiller. Aquatuning recommend this one. Aquatuning - Der Wasserkühlung Vollsortimenter - Durchlaufkühler Hailea Ultra Titan 1500 (HC500=790Watt Kälteleistung) Durchlaufkühler Hailea Ultra Titan 1500 (HC500=790Watt Kälteleistung) 37008 I hope I will receive it in good condition with DHL. Anyone have experiences with waterchiller? History: On the frontside: 4 tec of 36W for gpus and 3 tec of 18W for sdrams. 144 + 54 = 198Watts http://img15.hostingpics.net/pics/20780084y3.jpg http://img15.hostingpics.net/pics/49351671y4.jpg On the rearside: 3 tec of 18W. =54Watts http://img15.hostingpics.net/pics/20350942y6.jpg http://img15.hostingpics.net/pics/17825149y7.jpg In all = 252Watts TEC on the card + 100Watts max for the V5k6 = 352Watts The waterchiller is for 790Watts with max low temperature of 4° C. Is it good? One VSA100 produce 14Watts in full charge. is the tec (36W) on gpu are good for it?
  2. Hello,The Control Panel:Let's start...Let's see if condensation occurs...Next step for the next time...
  3. Preparing the card with plastik 70: Preparing waterblocks: Preparing the tec's:
  4. The green color is good now. Soon the next step...
  5. Hi, Some tests for the green color. nb. the painter will paint again because the quality is bad. What do you think?
  6. Hello, Come back The front copperbaseplate is done: New structur. 1mm to 0.3mm for cooler tecs. 4 hours of investement for this struktur. In the backcooler, same structur. An electronics engineer draws up the control panel: All provisionally done. Here is the beauty: In progress now... Regards, Trevormacro
  7. The second project: Done with the "normal functional design" but we will take tho old design. I like this :-) 1mm Coldbplate on RAM. To the front, we will take thermalgrease. To the back, we will use thermalpads too. 4 tecs on GPU and 6 tecs on ram. Idea: We take a screw to push the pcb on the front cooler. Better is thermalglue, or we take a screw an a backplate. We have better temperatures. We must defeated a plasticplate under the screw. Acrylglastops must be changed in other material. We will use POM (black or white). Acrylglas can broken because the temperatures differences. Informations about isolation. We need dough first to conserve the card. At first, the card must be protect with dough. But the dough will be cold too, to the tecs. There, we must isolate the dough too, with Armaflex. Armaflex is one of the best insolator. I think its a safe way. Furthermore we can regulate the tecs with an controlpanel. With the controlpanel we can regulate the coolingpower. May be from 400W - 100W.
  8. Hello, Here is one of my 3dfx Voodoo5 5500 PCI. -> Unsold original 6 ns sdrams and sold new 4 ns sdrams. -> Unsold original VSA-100 Rev.220 and sold new VSA-100 Rev.320. Pictures : Before modding : After modding : Here we have the 3dfx Voodoo5 5500 PCI Silver Edition: Video: Finished soon... Best Regards,Trevormacro
  9. Hello, First Peltier Project: Materials are arrived. - Copper - Delrin - Tec's plastic - Power Supply TEC is dangerous because the water droplets can damage my card. He will take steps to prevent this from happening with the TEC block, but if I am careful I can get a glimpse into what my card is capable of. 4 Peltiers on the front allows for 320W of cooling, and 2 peltiers on the back allows for 160W of cooling for the entire rear of the card. The single 600W power supply will keep them all operating perfectly. Second Peltier Project: Informations about Peltier elements: QC-127-1.4-3.7MS Peltierelement 36W for GPUs 40x40x4,7mm 30,12€/pieces 120,48€ (4 pieces) QC-127-1.0-3.9M Peltierelement 18W for Sdrams 30x30x3,6mm 26,92€/pieces 179,52€ (6 pieces) 8 Tecs are here: The others tecs will arrived 2 weeks later. Powersupply is ordered: Trafo Netzteil Transformator 12V / 40A DIN ISO9001 | eBay 350W Coolingpower is very high. Maybe, we can freeze the card for best o/c results.
  10. Hello, I love 3dfx and I want the best cooling system for The Voodoo5 6000. I think it will be the best project never realized on this card. The First one... Video: The Second one... Video: ...Before end of this year... Best Regards, Trevormacro
  11. Hello at all, I am Trevormacro. I am french man. I am 28 years old. Sorry for my poor english but I am a 3dfx Fan I love 3dfx Voodoo5 6000 cards. It's a very rare card. I have 3 Voodoo Volts and 12 Voodoo5 6000 cards : - 1 Rev.2600A2 - 2 Rev.3400A3 - 9 Rev.3700A Here are my Army's pictures: - One 3700A of my cards is now Voodoo5 6000 Gold Edition and run @201 MHz instead of 166 MHz by default. I put news Sdrams 3,5 ns instead of originals 6 ns: Boot in video: - One another 3700A of my cards is now Voodoo5 6000 Watercooling Legend Edition. - One another 3700A of my cards is now Voodoo5 6000 Watercooling Mystical Edition. 3dfx Forever... Best Regards, Trevormacro
  12. Here is the Mystical card: Pictures: -- The 3dfx Voodoo5 6000 Mystical Edition Booting -- Video: -- It's time to test -- The card booting and benchmarking... Video: Now, I present you The Fastest Voodoo5 6000 in the world... Video: Terrible, no?
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