Wheel Stand Pro V2, stability at the right price

Wheel Stand Pro 1Hello to all the readers of Xtremehardware.com, today we will review a particular product, dedicated to those who have passion for driving simulations both for PC and for console. We are talking about the stand for wheels and pedals called Wheel Stand Pro. This particular stand is compatible with all Thrustmaster series T and with the Logitech G27 and Fanatec wheels; alternatively, TH8A gear shifter and T3PA pedal can be used without problems as in our test. This stand, completely made of metal, doesn’t occupy much space thanks to the possibility to be bent and this thing will satisfy those who have problems with complete cockpit because of the limited space. Let’s have a look to the Wheel Stand Pro and to the results of our test. We will also see its functions in a video so we suggest you to follow the whole review. Here the Italian Review [Italian Version].

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Wheel Stand Pro is a world leader in producing high quality wheel stands. Wheel stand was invented in Poland and it was the first construction of this type in the world. We provide sim racing enthusiasts with first rate products to enhance their driving experience. Wheel Stand Pro is all about quality, durability and stability. Our products are designed for indoor use, therefore their compactness is of major importance. The minimal design blends beautifully with any interior. Originally our stands were designed for Logitech wheels, then adapted for Microsoft, Thrustmaster, Porsche and for MadCatz wheels. We derive from a company involved mainly in the recovery of power hydraulic parts found in construction vehicles like bulldozers, excavators etc. Quite a few of us also enjoy sim racing so, since we have the skills and experience in metal work, we came up with an innovative product which can be made at our factory.

Technical specifications

Let’s make a short list of Wheel Stand Pro characteristics:

tabella stand inglese

As you can see in the previous table, this stand is compatible with the majority of wheels, especially with Thrustmaster and Logitech ones. The weight of this product is high, which is something appreciable because it won’t make our wheel move even if we set the FFB at high levels. This stand can be personalized in different ways, in fact both the wheel support plate and the central arm can rotate of 360°. This is useful to adapt the Wheel Stand Pro to our driving position, which depends on what kind of chair or armchair we are using. The central arm can reach 40cm of height so the wheel won’t be too low and uncomfortable even if we are using quite a tall chair. Finally, we must talk about the fixing system of the single parts, which are simple terminals that use a lot of strength to make the stand more solid.

Packaging and Bundle

The package of this stand is enormous such as the weight, as we can notice holding it in our hands. The box is rectangular and on its front we can see the image of the stand equipped with the G27 Logitech, the name of the product and its slogan. On the top left of the box there is the image of the stand assembled and ready to be used while on the right there is the logo of the Polish company.

Wheel Stand_Pro_1  Wheel Stand_Pro_2  Wheel Stand_Pro_3  Wheel Stand_Pro_4  Wheel Stand_Pro_5

On the back of the box we can find some details about the characteristics of the product and its compatibility with different wheels. In fact, as written on the top, we notice that the stand can be set in angulation and height, it has anti-slip rubber feet, it’s totally made of metal and it can be bent completely. At the bottom, there are three images of the stand with three different kinds of wheels. In the image with the T300, we can notice that it’s possible to assemble both the stock pedals and the T3PA, as well as the gear shifter TH8A.

Wheel Stand_Pro_6  Wheel Stand_Pro_7  Wheel Stand_Pro_8  Wheel Stand_Pro_9

Once removed the external package, we see that there is another box which that contains the stand and its accompanying bundle. The bundle is composed by three sheets for the installation of the Logitech G27 wheel or the Thrustmaster T300 and for the pedals, such as the  T3PA. Inside a little box, there are screws for the assembly, a wrench, two hex keys and four steel plates for assembling pedals and the gear shifter.

Wheel Stand_Pro_10  Wheel Stand_Pro_11  Wheel Stand_Pro_12  Wheel Stand_Pro_13  Wheel Stand_Pro_14  Wheel Stand_Pro_15

Detailed analysis and guide for the assembly

Removing the stand from its package and from the plastic bag, we can easily notice its high weight and the fact that it is completely bent. The stand is totally made of steel and it has four big rubber feet that prevent the stand from sliding on any kind of surface. The locking system of the single parts is easy and effective, in fact it uses simple terminals which tighten the external tube against the internal one.

Wheel Stand_Pro_16  Wheel Stand_Pro_17  Wheel Stand_Pro_18

In the central part, there are four rubbers which will fix the pedal and prevent it sliding while pressing on the pedals. We can also find a big black steel tube which offers a big bearing surface to guarantee the maximum stability. In the central part of this tube, there is the name of the product and two screws that let us move this part of the stand back and forth.

Wheel Stand_Pro_19  Wheel Stand_Pro_20  Wheel Stand_Pro_21  Wheel Stand_Pro_22  Wheel Stand_Pro_23

Let’s move to the mounting phase of the stand, starting from the installation of the shifter bracket and of the TH8A. At first, we have to disassemble the central tube from the stand to make the wheel installation easier. After positioning the support bracket of the wheel perpendicularly to the tube, we have to screw the black bracket with an hex and a screw. After that, we have to install the wheel on the main bracket and tighten two other screws that will fix both the wheel and the gear bracket. After that, we have to fix the TH8A gear shifter with two screws at the ends of the bracket.

Wheel Stand_Pro_24  Wheel Stand_Pro_25  Wheel Stand_Pro_26  Wheel Stand_Pro_27  Wheel Stand_Pro_28  Wheel Stand_Pro_29

Now, let’s move to the installation of the T3PA pedals. We have to move the four rubbers in the most comfortable position to put the pedals on them, we have to fit the pedals with the central tube of the stand and then we have to turn all upside down. Now, we have to take the metal bracket, compatible with the T3PA pedals, and screw it.

Wheel Stand_Pro_30  Wheel Stand_Pro_31  Wheel Stand_Pro_32

After installing the pedals, we have to reassemble the central tube with the gear and the wheel in the whole part of the stand. We leave you some photos of the stand, complete and ready to be used.

Wheel Stand_Pro_33  Wheel Stand_Pro_34  Wheel Stand_Pro_35  Wheel Stand_Pro_36


In this page we will divide our impressions about this stand starting from those concerning its constructive quality and then you will find the video of our test of the Wheel Stand Pro using Assetto Corsa on the Mugello circuit with an Alfa Romeo 155 GTI. The stand is very well-made, especially for the use of resistant and sturdy materials and for the attentions to details,  such as the fixing mechanisms of the various parts. The rubber feet do a very good job, it will be impossible to make the stand slide back and forth while we are playing. The two central tubes are very sturdy and they easily support our pedals and they also prevent any kind of movement of the pedals with the four rubber feet, which can be positioned everywhere on the tubes. The central rod, which can be extended up to 40cm, make this stand adaptable to any driving and sitting position; its possibility to be bent toward the pedals, make us save much space when unused. The plate where the wheel and the rod for the gear are placed is very resistant even if it’s not so thick; it’s also possible to change the angulation of 360°. The rod of the gear shifter is rectangular and internally hollow, in order to make it more light but also resistant: even if we are using it in a very impetuous way, it won’t move. We can’t avoid talking about the easiness to assemble the stand. Indeed, we will be able to assemble it in few minutes, just following the instructions and some tutorials on the YouTube Wheel Stand Pro channel.

And now, we leave you to our video test of the stand using the T300 and its accessories; the wheel was set with 100% FFB.


Oro-HD new


Performance 4,5 stelle Using the T300 with 100% level of power, the stand was always perfect and we have rarely seen some movements of the structure. Its considerable weight and t the four rubber feet make it be anchored to the ground.
Constructive quality 5 stelle We are amazed by the stability and the quality of this product. Indeed the used materials, in particular the steel, are very good and the stand doesn’t flex even with a lot of pressure. The fixing mechanisms of the various parts are strong and well-made and it’s also possible to install a lot of different kinds of wheels, pedals and gear shifters of different brands.
Design  5 stelle The design of this product is very simple and it is OK for the most valued interiors, too; indeed, black and silver grey are perfect together. The possibility to bend the stand is useful to occupy less space, which means that this stand is the result of a well-studied design.
Price  4,5 stelle We reviewed the model V2 which costs 125€ on the Wheel Stand Pro official web site (the shipment is included) so we think that it’s obviously a very good price.
Total 4,5 stelle  


As a conclusion of our review, we recommend this stand to those who have passion for driving games, who have problems concerning the space in their house and who need a stable and beautiful stand that can also be bent. The quality of this product is incredible thanks to the choice of the materials and it has been studied to be suitable to most of the steering wheels that can be bought. The design of this product is sober and clean and will be perfect in every location, occupying as less space as possible thanks to the foldable design. It costs 125€ (the shipment is included) and this thing makes it be a best buy for those who have passion for motor racing games, considering all its qualities.



  • Price
  • Design
  • Stability
  • Bundle
  • Shifter bracket included in the package



  • Central bracket which may bother some add-ons with three pedals


Thanks to Wheel Stand Pro for the sample sent for the review

Angelucci Gianluca