Alphacool NexXxos NVXP GTX580/70

alphacool_nexxxos_nvxp_gtx580-570Users target has in general always been to optimize the various components of the PC in terms of cooling. To achieve this objective and lower the temperatures of the components, however, encouraged by the practice of overclocking, they turned to the more efficient liquid cooling.




This type of cooling, as the word says, consists of a circuit where by means of pipes that connect the various components to be cooled, flows a liquid solution which carries heat from warmer areas of the PC (CPU, GPU, etc.) to colder regions such as the radiator, which, thanks to the much larger exchange surface, is more efficient. The peculiarity of this solution is to keep temperatures on average far lower than the number of air-cooling kit, allowing an advantage in terms of silence and then comfort, as well as space. Hence the market has responded with solutions both universal, consisting in a water block that goes to cover only the GPU and copper heat sinks for air cooling of the various memory/power chips scattered on the PCB of the VGA, both with integral solutions, said Full Cover, that with a single water block in direct contact with all the components, are more efficient and simple to assemble.




The Full Cover water block construction dedicated to last generation video cards, ever more powerful, has allowed users to raise their frequencies to values ​​much higher than those preset by the supplier (default). Among the various suppliers in the market from many years the Alphacool has emerged for the completeness of the solutions in the field of liquid cooling. The sentence that is printed on the packaging ("The Cooling Company"), makes clear the goal that has always pursued. Today we present the NexXxos NVXP GTX580/70 waterblock from whose name it is supposed to be a cooling solution for the GTX580 and GTX570 Nvidia cards. But let's explain the details and technical aspects.