AMD Llano A6-3650
Sabato, Giu 2020

AMD Llano A6-3650

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copertinaAbout a week after the publication of the preview on the tests and the performance of the new AMD Llano A6-3650 CPU, XtremeHardware offers the full review, all tests and the final considerations regarding this APU.


Less than a month ago XtremeHardware proposed to its readers performance analysis and in-depth analysis of the architectural solutions for the new AMD Fusion; we talk about the new processors with Llano architecture, with integrated IGP and a respectable price performance ratio.

The first tests were carried out on the family's flagship product, the AMD A8-3850, APU with four cores operating at a frequency of 2.9GHz and an integrated AMD Radeon HD 6550D.




Today, the staff offers the review of features and performance on another solution, part of the Llano family: the A6-3650 model.

Recall, as mentioned earlier in the preview , the new A6-3650 is available to the public at a price of 100 €.


0x_A6_cpu_front  0x_A6_cpu_back



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