Wheel Stand Pro V2, stability at the right price

Hello to all the readers of Xtremehardware.com, today we will review a particular product, dedicated to those who have passion for driving simulations both for PC and for console. We are talking...

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access_time 12:30PM 07 Maggio 2015

person Gianluca Angelucci

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Aquacomputer Kryographics GTX 980 acrylic glass edition, top quality and performance

Hi to all Xtremehardware.com friends, especially to liquid cooling fans! Today, we’ll talk about full-covers again, starting the reviews of these products for Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 video...

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access_time 08:58AM 17 Marzo 2015

person Liberato De Vincenzo

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Lamptron Hall of Fame-English

With the spread of Personal Computers, hardware and peripherals with increasingly aggressive look, the most courageous users have slowly taken the road of modding. Similarly to the  car...

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access_time 01:07PM 27 Giugno 2013

person Giovanni Abbinante

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And the lucky winner of the SilverStone TJ11 is...

At the court of the King of kings, the clarions stopped the sound for the town crier’s solemn announcement at the end of the tourney organized by XtremeHardware.com and SilverStone Technology. The...

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access_time 03:28PM 24 Gennaio 2013

person Maurizio Caon

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[ENG] SilverStone TJ11 Contest - Rules

SilverStone and XtremeHardware are pleased to announce a giveaway of the King o Kings, the SilverStone TJ11 we have just reviewed. It's very easy to win: we will draw a fan from...

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access_time 03:57PM 19 Novembre 2012

person Leonardo Angelini

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SilverStone TJ11, the King of Kings

Let me make an introduction to this article: the review you will read today, for me, is a personal achievement! Since the SilverStone TJ11 came on the market I said "I have to test it!" I tried to...

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access_time 03:50PM 19 Novembre 2012

person Matteo Trinca

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SilverStone, seeking the excellence

Today we inaugurate a series of articles about the famous SilverStone brand, starting with an analysis of its proprietary cooling solutions. Furthermore, we will present a series of cabinets each...

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access_time 07:03AM 07 Febbraio 2012

person Tommaso Mele

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Intel Sandy Bridge-E, analysis of the performance of the Core i7 3960X (Part 2)

In this second part we will analyze in detail the performance of the Intel i7-3960X with Sandy Bridge-E architecture.  Several tests will be run with various software, specific tests on the...

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access_time 08:43AM 01 Febbraio 2012

person bjt2

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AMD FX-8150: Bulldozer on the bench table

In this article we'll show you a detailed analysis of the performance of the AMD FX-8150, top of the range of proposals based on the new Bulldozer architecture. The tests provide a full suite of...

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access_time 06:00PM 15 Dicembre 2011

person bjt2

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Core parking on Windows Seven: WinRAR performance with Sandy Bridge

We had already noticed that the WinRAR benchmark, but also the application itself, does not benefit from Hyper-Threading Technology from Intel. In fact we had the same values ​​found on the CPU...

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access_time 04:53PM 22 Novembre 2011

person bjt2

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Intel Sandy Bridge-E's debut, analysis of the architecture and performance of the Core i7 3690X (Part 1)

Today, November 14, we see the debut of the new Intel Sandy Bridge-E CPUs, based on the new Socket LGA 2011: they replace the previous LGA 1366 platforms. The architecture of these CPUs reflects...

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access_time 01:00PM 18 Novembre 2011

person bjt2

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AMD Interlagos: Bulldozer architecture for the server world

In this article we present the new server architecture based on AMD's Bulldozer core class. We describe the 4200 series CPUs for 1 and 2-socket systems and 6200 series for 2 and 4-socket systems...

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access_time 05:01AM 14 Novembre 2011

person bjt2

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AMD Bulldozer at debut: architecture analysis

In this article we present a detailed description of the new AMD CPU architecture: Bulldozer. We will unveil the details of the system architecture and of the various components integrated into...

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access_time 07:42AM 12 Ottobre 2011

person bjt2

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MSI 990FXA-GD65, a very good AM3+ motherboard, waiting for Bulldozer

MSI 990FXA-GD65 is proposed as high-end motherboard for AMD AM3+ CPU, so compatible with the upcoming AMD Bulldozer. Powered by the AMD 990FX chipset, it has nice features, that we will discuss...

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access_time 08:29AM 24 Settembre 2011

person Tommaso Mele

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XSPC X2O 750 Dual Bay 5.25", pump and reservoir in one product

Today we introduce an XSPC product that makes the flexibility and compactness some of its strength. The XSPC X2O 750 Dual 5.25" Bay Reservoir Pump offers the advantage of having the reservoir and...

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access_time 05:33PM 16 Settembre 2011

person Tommaso Mele

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Aquacomputer Aquaero 5 XT and Flow Sensor, your liquid cooling system under control

In today's review we present two interesting Aquacomputer products for water cooling: the Aquaero 5 XT, a comprehensive tool to control your liquid-cooled PC, and the "High Flow" Flow Sensor G1/4,...

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access_time 02:41PM 15 Settembre 2011

person Tommaso Mele

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CPU cooler Thermalright HR-02 Macho

Today we will analyze a CPU heat sink by Thermalright: the HR-02 Macho. This is a giant heat sink that features a 140 mm fan. It has been created with the aim to further improve the good...

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access_time 06:01PM 08 Settembre 2011

person Tommaso Mele

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AMD Llano A6-3650

About a week after the publication of the preview on the tests and the performance of the new AMD Llano A6-3650 CPU, XtremeHardware offers the full review, all tests and the final considerations...

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access_time 05:44PM 28 Agosto 2011

person Tommaso Mele

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