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Venerdì, Giu 2020

SilverStone TJ11, the King of Kings

Let me make an introduction to this article: the review you will read today, for me, is a personal achievement! Since the SilverStone TJ11 came on the market I said "I have to test it!" I tried to do my best to ...

SilverStone, seeking the excellence

Today we inaugurate a series of articles about the famous SilverStone brand, starting with an analysis of its proprietary cooling solutions. Furthermore, we will present a series of cabinets each having differe ...

Core parking on Windows Seven: WinRAR performance with Sandy Bridge

We had already noticed that the WinRAR benchmark, but also the application itself, does not benefit from Hyper-Threading Technology from Intel. In fact we had the same values ​​found on the CPU 2600K, bot ...


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